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Awesome Panels: Batman & Robin v2 #37

Batman and Robin... reunited.

Sad Panels: Broken

In pieces. #H

Sad Panels: The Death of Captain America

Death of the dream. #H

Awesome Panels: Transmetropolitan #25

La obra maestra de Warren Ellis no solo no envejece, es terroríficamente vigente.

Awesome Panels: Batman #497

The Bat... broken.

Awesome Panels: The Flash v1 #123

On this date, but 55 years ago Barry Allen discovered Earth-2, and the DC Universe would never be the same.

Awesome Panels: DC: The New Frontier #02

Ted Grant: Victorious

Awesome Panels: The Flash v2 #80

The fastest man alive can't stand a baseball game. Well, nobody's perfect.

Awesome Panels: Avengers v1 #275

Never mess with an angry woman. Never.
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